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Expertise in critical infrastructure built to a high standard of sustainability:

This is Mainova WebHouse

Excellence and competence in the construction and operation of critical infrastructure meets sustainability: this sums up the mission of Mainova WebHouse.  

Mainova WebHouse's core competencies provide for the planning, construction and operation of campus data centers with an installed IT capacity of more than 10 megawatts.  

Mainova WebHouse is fulfilling a pioneering role in the construction of green data centers, with a proven track record of investing in heat recovery and energy-efficient infrastructure operation.  

Mainova WebHouse 2021 was founded as a 100% subsidiary of Mainova AG. This is one of the largest regional energy suppliers with operating sites throughout Frankfurt and operator of critical infrastructure, such as the widely ramified electricity and district heating network. As the number one infrastructure service provider in the Frankfurt area, Mainova AG supplies more than 1 million people with electricity, gas, water and heat.

Regionality as our strength: Strong together for our homeland! 

As a company rooted in the Rhine-Main region, we attach great importance to working with regional suppliers. We see this as an opportunity to show our attachment to the region and at the same time support the local economy. At the same time, we thereby reduce transport distances and lower CO2 emissions, which directly benefits the environment. We work with the following regional companies:

Our regional partners:

A 100% Subsidiary of Mainova

Mainova WebHouse was founded in 2021 as a 100% subsidiary of Mainova AG. We combine the great potential offered by the Frankfurt data center market with our excellent infrastructure know-how as one of the largest regional energy providers with generation sites throughout Frankfurt. 

Sustainable and Efficient

Maximum availability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive: Our goal is to be the greenest data center in Frankfurt. We see ourselves in a pioneering role for the construction of energy-efficient and sustainable data centers that offer 100% availability while conserving resources. From Frankfurt for Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

Construction of the 1st Data Center Campus in Frankfurt Seckbach

During the construction phase, our first data center campus "MWH01" in Frankfurt Seckbach was leased long-term to an international cloud provider with an IT capacity of 30 MW.  Soon, the campus will supply Frankfurt's Batschkapp cultural venue with recycled heat.

Tackling today what matters tomorrow:
Mainova WebHouse

The Frankfurt data center market provides a huge amount of potential. We created a synergy with Mainova AG and data center experts. The result is Mainova WebHouse. 

Mainova WebHouse has unique aspects: The accumulated know-how of Mainova AG is, in-depth knowledge of Frankfurt's infrastructure and the many years of experience in the energy sector. This combines to our success factor.

We aim to become the leading provider of data centers in the Frankfurt metropolis offering the best product and most reliable critical infrastructure.  

We aim to be a pioneer in the construction of green data centers that combine sustainability with maximum availability. 

In all data centers, we will supply waste heat to other buildings, use green energy and have sufficient secondary power to meet hyperscaler demands.

Uptime meets Sustainability

"MWH01" is the name of our first data center campus. It is currently under construction and will be completed in 2025. It consists of two buildings and delivers 30 megawatts of IT power. For the data center campus, we created a resource-saving and groundbreaking overall concept that combines waste heat recovery, self-generated electricity and façade greening. 

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