Data Center in Langen

Stadtwerke Langen and Mainova WebHouse GmbH & Co. KG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mainova AG, plan to build an innovative data center in Langen's Neurott business center. Stadtwerke Langen recently acquired a plot of land for this purpose. Mainova WebHouse will build and operate the new data center on it with an IT capacity of around 20 megawatts and an area of around 6,800 square meters. The waste heat generated by cooling the servers will be used in a climate-friendly way: it will be fed directly into the district heating network on site and supply several residential quarters in Langen with heat for heating and hot water. Construction of the data center is scheduled to begin in 2025, with commissioning in 2027.

Langen's mayor Jan Werner says: "Data centers are the backbone of digitization and the prosperous Rhine-Main region, to which the city of Langen will contribute in the future. I look forward to the implementation of this innovative project in the Neurott business center by Stadtwerke Langen and Mainova as reliable partners."

The prerequisites for this are already in place: "Stadtwerke has acquired a plot of land with around 10,000 square meters for this purpose, which is connected by a high-performance fiber optic line. In addition, we are investing in the expansion of the power grids," says Uwe Linder, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Langen, and adds: "The waste heat generated is sufficient to supply 100 percent of all existing district heating grids in Langen and their extensions planned to date. The planned feed into the district heating system thus also enables its further expansion in the Nordend as an alternative to gas and oil-fired plants."

Mainova WebHouse Managing Director Oliver Schiebel says: "Mainova WebHouse develops and operates data centers in exemplary ecological construction. This is characterized by high energy efficiency and optimal use of space. In addition, we decarbonize the district heating on site with the waste heat of the data center. By feeding the waste heat into the district heating network, the Langen data center will be one of the first to meet the requirements of the new Energy Efficiency Act, which stipulates its use for heating purposes. There are also plans to run the data center entirely on green electricity and to use emergency power backup systems with state-of-the-art exhaust gas aftertreatment."

Mayor Jan Werner adds, "Visually, too, the data center is definitely an asset to the Neurott business center." 

Press release: Stadtwerke Langen and Mainova WebHouse plan joint data center

Image: Visualization of the planned data center that Mainova WebHouse will build and operate in the Langen business center. The waste heat generated will go directly into the district heating network, and the chimneys will only be kept for the rare case of an emergency power supply. (Source Mainova WebHouse)